Developing in-house capacity

Workshops and mentoring can support web teams to incorporate UX into their day-to-day work and feel confident connecting with internal and external stakeholders.

They’re a great way to invest in staff and build relationships that contribute to the development of user-friendly websites.



Whether it’s with a web team, internal stakeholders or external stakeholders (or all three together!) workshops are a great way to work through UX issues like:

  • defining the site purpose, key tasks and audiences

  • defining the site structure

  • analysing design impact and visual hierarchy

  • analysing content relevance and clarity.

They also create a shared experience that encourages and welcomes everyone’s involvement and forms valuable connections. Plus they’re fun!

Task Usability can work with you to develop a workshop (or series of) that meets your needs. Then you gather the people, and Louise will bring the (brain-stimulating) chocolates :)



‘Learning by doing’ is the best way to cement UX practice into your day-to-day work. One-off training courses are inspiring however it can be difficult to put new learning into practice when we get back to our desks and are overwhelmed by the ‘To do’ list.

UX training through mentoring is a tailored approach that provides support over a four-month period. It allows you to have time away from your desk to explore how to integrate UX into your work, and implement changes, while getting feedback and guidance along the way. Think of Louise as your UX personal trainer!


Pricing packages*

Workshops – $650
This includes preparation with key stakeholders and a 1-1.5 hour session.

Mentoring – $1600
10 one-hour sessions over a four-month period.

*Prices exclude GST. These packages are a guide – pricing may vary depending on client needs.