Video – a 'black box' of content

If you want people to view your video content you need to give them the 'highlights' and run time up front. Then they can click (or not) with confidence, instead of seeing it as a mystery black box ... and moving on.


The mysterious black box

Who knows what's inside?

Preview the highlights

People don't want to waste time. They need to know the highlights BEFORE they click on your video, otherwise they'll pass over it and scan the written content on the page for the information they are looking for.

Provide a summary of the highlights alongside your embedded video so people have enough information to make a 'click or no click' decision.

Placement and purpose

Clearly define your video content from your written content on a page eg, place on a separate row with white space around it and a heading (if appropriate).

Ensure your videos are a useful resource (eg, 'how to' guides) not just advertisements.

Run time and subtitles

State the video run time – so people know how much time to invest.

Provide subtitles – so people who can't hear the audio (eg, those who are hearing impaired, in a noisy environment, or just don't want to disturb people around them) can still access the information.


The heading, summary and quotes on this page ensure you know what to expect before clicking on the videos:

The 'journey' video content on this page is well defined (with a heading and good spacing) and the run times are provided:

The 'how to' video guide on this page is a useful resource with the YouTube toolbar that enables you to turn on the subtitles and lots of supporting information: