Managing TASKS and improving productivity with Trello

I'm a bit overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with the juggle of work and home stuff. The multitude of TASKS. And they're all constantly running around in my head. Yes, the TASK olympics is going on in my head and it's causing a meltdown! 


Task tracking

Trello is a good companion to my trusty hard copy diary!

I use a 'time blocking' system (in my head) to help me to focus by defining when it's a 'me', 'family', 'admin' or 'work' block. But lately blocks have been merging and the 'work' block wants to dominate.

I'm excited about work and want to devote all my time to it but that is not possible and in fact not good for the quality of output. Having boundaries makes me analyse when my brain works best and stepping away gives it space to be open to new ideas.

So I have to work smarter. And that's where I hope Trello will help. is a productivity tool that enables you to organise task 'cards' onto 'boards' with labels like Ideas , To do, Doing and Done. My partner uses it at his work and only has one task on the Doing board at a time. My mother used to say "Do one thing at a time" so I'm going to heed that very good advice and dive into Trello.